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Béguin is the material realization of a limitless passion for words and poetry. From writing to writing, from confection to confection, and from a thirst for sharing was born the savoir-faire of embroidery and jewelery making so that words can be carried on you as anchors, mantra, reminders that all around us and inside of us is poetry.

I put my love of the manual and the writing in the making of these creations so that it transcends you into your hearts.

Photos d'identité en beaucoup d'exemplaires en noir et blanc

Through strong words and quotes that move me, I suggest you perpetuate the poetry of the world around us in its complexity as in its simplicity, by bringing with you the most beautiful things, the most beautiful definitions, so that you will never forget them. As everyone has their own phrase that transcends them, I also suggest that you personalize your jewelry and embroidery.

I chose to work the silver (925) which I find soft, simple and authentic, and for the embroideries, the supports are in ORGANIC cotton.

Poetically yours, Clémence.

Our creations are made in a workshop, where the tools from another generation collide and dance in rhythm with the song of the cicadas of Provence.

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